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If you are looking for help with weight loss, fitness goals or just a more healthier you...... I am ready to be your fitness body coach!

If you are wanting to be in shape and stay in shape and be healthier you.

Ultimate Relaxing Weight Loss Plan!

Now we have portable steam right at our massage tables! You may wear a bikini, shorts, and top, and warm up the muscles with our new Steamy Wonder! $45!

You do not have the concerns of taking a shower right after your blissful steam treatments. We recommend that you leave the organic treatments on for 2 hours after treatments.

Try our new Spa Treatments including wrap-less body wraps for a new and healthier you!

Steamy Wonder Spa Treatments,

Loss inches, Detox and more......

The best way to get the full benefit is trying these treatments in 3 sessions for 3 days in a row for only $135 and if you try them in this manner, you will get 1 session FREE! We recommend you do this every season for the optimum detox!

We carry Herbal and Aroma Therapy treatments, which includes these products:

  • Maximum Detoxification and Purification Treatment
  • Weight loss and Cellulite Reduction
  • Joint Pain and Muscle Relief
  • Relaxation Facial Treatment
  • Organic Treatments